So like a million years ago (actual time: one month) I asked people to tell me what they thought I should write, and Verity replied: 

obviously you should write something for failwolf friday where derek is full of tender feelings which he examines in a moment of still beauty in the burned out husk of his family home and then the floor falls in and stiles has to help him climb out. then they make out and stuff. the end.

Which was such a hilariously perfect evocation “my style” that I was immediately determined to make it happen. I was mostly done with that fic when she emailed me a second prompt, about Derek being such a fail!alpha because he is a dude, and how he actually really needs Erica and maybe even Lydia to make his pack function. And I was like THAT FITS IN PERFECTLY WITH SOME THINGS I JUST WROTE, and almost 30 days and 18k words later, there was this thing. 

Thanks are due to Verity for both prompts as well as beta-ing its various drafts, and for reassuring me that the jokes were funny, even if I’m still not sure I believe her. Morgan took care of the commas and my usual last-minute extra 1k scene. It’s way too long for Tumblr, so go forth to AO3:

Rattle this Ghost Town

Happy Failwolf Friday!

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