feelavalanche said: I'm apologizing for flooding your ask box but... do you take prompts? You've written a couple fics where Stiles has a bit of wanderlust (TDK, AWAISAB). I enjoy that perspective a lot - I kind go back and forth between thinking Stiles would want to stay in Beacon Hills or want to leave. I'd love to read a fic from you in which Stiles stays and Derek leaves (before the inevitable happy reunion). I love your Derek voice, I think that kind of role reversal would be very interesting coming from you!

Yeah, everyone should feel free to send me prompts! I can’t promise I’ll write everything, but I’m always curious about what people are interested in. 

And as it happens, this is like, exactly what I’m working on right now: a story in which Derek did leave with the Alphas, and Scott took over his pack, and now like a decade later Derek is back and everyone is trying to figure some shit out. It’s still in very early stages so it’ll be a while before anyone sees anything (if I even finish it, which, you know, likely but not guaranteed), but, yeah, great minds, I guess!

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