nanoochka replied to your post: I’m apologizing for flooding your ask box but… do you take prompts? You’ve written a couple fics where Stiles has a bit of wanderlust (TDK, AWAISAB)…

Can I have this fic, like… yesterday?

I WISH. It’s probably going to take me extra-long to write because, uh, plot, and also I have a bunch of RL things to do starting next week but in the mean time I will slip you paragraphs here and there, just to tease:

It’s been an uneasy truce at best; Derek and Erica are on pretty decent terms but she missed out on the worst years when her family moved away and she doesn’t remember what it was like, when Scott was very first trying to figure out how to keep the pack from falling apart. How close they came to doing it anyway, how miserable it was, how scared they all were, for months on end. Threats they could fight; dissension, dissolution were harder to manage. There were no bestiaries or spells for that, nothing for it but commitment and dedication, Scott’s deep-seated kindness and insistent empathy, Stiles’ finely-honed ability to nag and irritate, ingratiate, to get under people’s skin. Their pack, their family, is hard-fought and tight-knit, and no one knows or cares how to let Derek back into the circle he started, the pack he took with his teeth.”

Ok that sounds depressing! One more, then:

“That’s kind of the point,” Allison says. “I mean, I trust you, Isaac, but given the pack’s track record with romance? I sort of wish Derek had taken upon himself to bite a less attractive group of people. I can’t help feeling like a homely person or two would have done us a world of good.” Stiles chokes back a laugh. “Don’t know what you think is so funny, Stilinski,” Allison says, mild. “We all remember Amelia the murderous mermaid, you know.” Stiles groans.

“That was freshman year,” he says. “She was my first—things, okay, I was blinded by sex, I couldn’t have known!”

“She smelled,” Scott puts in, pouting; he never liked Amelia, which turned out to be reasonable, but still. “I told you she smelled like kelp.”

“Look either way she already knew, okay, so I don’t see why we have to bring her into this conversation,” Stiles says, trying to get them back on track and away from the subject of his admittedly kind of catastrophe-prone love life. “Telling Amelia about the existence of werewolves was decidedly not the problem.””

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