nysscientia said: I just wanted to let you know that not only does your work inspire me to write, and write more, and write as much as possible- but I also find it lovely and complicated and terribly, terribly real. The way you tie details together draws out the beauty in the mundane; it's life-affirming. Thank you so much for sharing.


I’m posting this publicly because oh man FOR REAL, if I want anything, anything at all out of my time in fandom it’s to inspire other people to make stuff. That’s the coolest thing you can do with creative work, is have other people look at it and go “dude, that is so cool that I want to make something because of it, or about it, or just near it.”

I started writing when I learned the alphabet but I started writing fic when I was twelve, and it was genuinely terrible. (I am not being self-deprecating.) I kept writing when I was sixteen and it was better but not good. Fandom gave me a forum in which being an amateur was encouraged, and I got to read people my own age writing about their own lives, in one way and another— I think there’s a real value in reading writing that’s trying and struggling and sometimes failing, instead of just the already-edited greats all the time. It’s easier to see others’ mistakes than your own, and I learned so much from seeing what I liked and didn’t in others’ work. 

So, uh, if I’m good now it’s in large part because fandom made me that way, because I’ve been encouraged and beta’ed and challenged in a way that’s really rare. Fandom is an insane, amazing writers’ group and there’s really nothing else like it anywhere. I hope that you find it to be the same.

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