sammymc said: O M G. I just read A Secret No One Knows... A STEREK FIC WRITTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK OF MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!?! I'm.. I don't... O M G! This is the best thing I've ever read ever! EVER! You don't even know!! Derek having a crush on Taylor? Knowing the lyrics to all the songs? Making his mom take him to see the Albertane Tour? I can't deal with this right now... YOU WIN AT EVERYTHING!

All praise & blame really go to Ashe, who was like “man, if I had won you in the AO3 auction I would have made you write a story about Derek Hale’s secret obsession with Hanson.” From there it was just a matter of still knowing the MON track list from memory and sometimes wanting to hear a little Spice Girls, too, okay, whatever. If I’d known that half of this fandom felt the same I would have done it ages ago. The music of the 90’s is the soundtrack of my heart.

(Morning crew: if you somehow missed it, consider this your notification that I wrote a story about Derek Hale’s secret obsession with Hanson.)

  1. vangoghstars said: Everything is this fic and nothing hurts.
  2. anangrylittlehobbit said: The 90’s are the soundtrack to my heart too! whenever I hear any of the hits from that decade it always brings back some sort of memories and makes me all fuzzy inside
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