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Lydia being a BAMF and taking over gov agencies through sass, smarts, and intimidatingly good looks. Get some vodka/gin/drink of choice first though cause lbh that’s the best way to write.

She texts Stiles first after she gets the job: Special Agent Lydia Martin, detailed to the FBI’s Domestic Territorial Protocols department. So you’re like an official government ambassador to the werewolves of America, he sends back. Just the ones in the northeast sector, she responds cheerfully. So far anyway.

A week later a box arrives with the rest of her mail. She allows herself a long, suspicious minute before she gets close enough to see Stiles’ rough scrawl on the return address; she laughs at herself, just a little bit, as she scoops it up with the rest of her things and bring it inside. His gift to her on the eve of her new life is a box set of all nine seasons of The X-Files with a hand-written note. Used to watch reruns with dad, it says. I think Agent Dana Scully explains a lot of things about my adolescent Lydia-obsession. And I have no doubt that the men of the Bureau will be similarly enthralled.

At first she doesn’t get it: Scully’s a redhead, sure, and a pragmatist, but she wears the worst suits. Lydia is already trying to figure out a workaround to the restrictive, hideous dress code. She only keeps watching it because work is hardit turns out, and she is beautiful and she is brilliant but she’s not senior, and for the first time in her life, that third thing outweighs the first two. She comes home each night and kicks off her sensible low heels and drinks one beer, watches one episode. It becomes her little ritual, her way of saying okay, okay, that’s over, okay

She gets her first promotion the day she finishes the series. She comes back from work that day and texts Stiles thank you for wanting to believe. She starts the discs over again: season one, episode one.

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