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Stiles hasn’t seen his father’s eyebrows up that high since— well, since last time he told him The Truth About What I’ve Been Doing with Derek. “Dating,” the Sheriff repeats, in a truly dangerous tone. “I don’t recall you going out all that much recently, Stiles. Staying out, definitely. Past curfew on more than one occasion. Has the definition of dating changed since I was last on the scene?”

About a hundred smart remarks— about the definition of a date and how long it’s been, precisely, since his father went on one— fly across Stiles’ mind. It’s a testament to his fledgling maturity that he verbalizes precisely none of them, instead exchanging a frantic glance across the table with Derek, who looks like a baby deer in the oncoming headlights of a semi. They’d decided that sitting on opposite sides of the room was the best strategy— look, pa, no hands! But Stiles is sorry about it now, sad that he can’t touch Derek’s thigh for a minute, just a little bit, to remind him that he’s there.

“We were worried you’d see us, out and about,” Stiles explains, relief flooding him as a plausible explanation forms out of whole cloth in his otherwise empty head. “You know, out on patrols, eyes all over the city etcetera. So we stayed in! And did dates. Dinners. Movies. Sometimes Scott  and Allison came over and acted the part of other movie theater patrons for added, uh, verisimilitude.”

They did come over, that part’s true. Mostly to screw in the spare bedroom but whatever, that’s fine, that part would probably traumatize his father and weaken his already-sensitive heart further. This is enough for one day.

“Anyway I would get tired and fall asleep,” Stiles finishes triumphantly. “I’m exhausted all the time, and, uh, dark room, quiet movie—Derek likes foreign films, I don’t know why—” Derek starts and sputters at this, like he’s about to object to this tiny detail of an elaborate lie Stiles is constructing, like he can’t bear to have the Sheriff think he’s some kind of snob. Stiles barrels right over him. “So I would fall asleep! And not wake up until after curfew.” 

“That is a very believable story,” his dad says. “And now that we all know it, I’m sure I’ll be happy to have you two here for dinners and movies. So that when you fall asleep I can make sure you get up to your bed for a good night’s rest. Alone.”

Stiles isn’t that mature: he reaches one leg out as far as it will go and finds Derek’s ankle under the table, starts to stroke it, gently, with the toe of one sneaker. 

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